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Choosing Safety over Convenience

You've heard about it, read about it, maybe even seen it happen - texting while driving is here and on the rise, and so are the number of texting related accidents.  Some have had serious consequences. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution

A good lawyer always prepares the case as if it will be tried in court, but an experienced lawyer often knows at the outset or during the case whether a resolution method other than trial should be considered.  Non-binding mediation and binding arbitration are two ways of resolving disputes that often can save the parties time, money and emotional energy.  In non-binding meditation, the parties agree to retain a neutral, such as a retired judge or lawyer, to hear their respective arguments and to help the parties negotiate a settlement.  In binding arbitration, the neutral will hear the evidence and render a final decision, which the parties have agreed to accept.  Given that the courts today are overburdened and short on resources and personnel, ADR can be the right path to resolution.

Personal Injury Protection [PIP] Benefits here in MA

Here in MA, a driver, passenger, pedestrian and bicyclist are all entitled to personal injury protection benefits if they have been injured.  This benefit, also known as "no-fault" benefits, entitles the injured person to be reimbursed for his/her medical expenses and 75% of his/her lost wages up to a total of $8000.00.

Reservation of Rights Letters

There are times when your insurer needs to defer its decision with regard to whether coverage exists or whether coverage exists for all the claims being made against you.  This may be because of late notice, the potential that the claims arose out of some intentional acts or some other actual prejudice that your insurance company believes it has sustained.  The insurance company will then send you a reservation of rights letter notifying you that it is investigating your claim or may actually be handling your claim but that all or parts of the claims against you may not be covered by the terms of your insurance policy.

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