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October 2013 Archives

Medicare Benefits for the Injured Person

I could not begin to fully explain all the intricacies of the Medicare Plan;  however, you should be aware that it is available to all US citizens over the age of 65 or who have certain disabilities;  in summary, it will provide you with certain health insurance coverages.

Bike Safety

As an avid biker, I find myself writing alot about bike safety.  Here is a recent NY Times article on this issue which you may find interesting:http://nyti.ms/1gz0jN7Different opinions on the same issue obviously-  but the bottom line is to use precautions, assume that car drivers don't always see you or want to share the road with you and ride defensively!

The Duty to Defend

A local family owned four properties in Massachusetts.  Three homeowners' insurance policies insured three of the properties, but did not insure a fourth residential property.  The policies insured family members against bodily injury claims, but each policy also contained an "uninsured location" (UL) exclusion disclaiming coverage for injuries "arising out of a premises" owned by an insured but not itself an "insured location."  Misfortune occurred during the use of a portable fire pit at the fourth property and the injured parties sued one of the owners in state court.

Get There Safely

As I recently drove through the downtown and Back Bay areas of Boston during the dusk to dark hour of a weekday commute, I realized that the number of people commuting by bicycle has exploded.  Driving and biking in Boston have always been fraught with potential hazards; even more so now.  The narrow roadways, less than patient drivers and cyclists, confusing confluence of vehicle and bicycle travel lanes, poor lighting and sheer volume of competing, mismatched traffic is, unfortunately, a recipe for accidents.  It is more important than ever that drivers obey speed limits and traffic signals, and that cyclists travel in designated lanes, equip their bikes with proper lighting and wear helmets and appropriate bright clothing.  Most importantly, everyone should keep in mind during the daily commuting grind - no matter their mode of travel - that getting to work or home safely and without injuring anyone else is the objective.

Be Aware of Statute of Limitations!!

The average person may know that if they are injured here in Massachusetts, they typically have 3 years from the date of that incident in which to commence a legal action;  there are a few exceptions but, for the most part, after that 3 year time period, you are precluded from making a claim.

Buy Underinsurance Benefits

It always amazes me when a car accident victim comes to my office and eventually shows me their Declarations Page which identifies their own automobile insurance coverages.  They may have purchased large coverage for property damage [for their own vehicle] but, unfortunately more times than not, they have no, or minimal, underinsurance coverage.

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