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Bike Accidents On The Rise

A recent NHTSA investigation found that 2.1% of all traffic fatalities in this country were cyclists in 2011 and that 48,000 cyclists were injured in crashes with motor vehicles. Being an avid biker, those statistics really hit home; if you bike enough, there are some who think an accident is only a matter of time.

Anyway, unless there is credible witness testimony, accident reconstructions are typically the most effective way to demonstrate to a jury just what happened to cause the cyclists’ injury. The expert can more effectively explain the obvious differences between bikes and cars with regard to weight, dimension, travel speed, stopping distances and control of a bike during a sudden stopping maneuver. This may become critical in the outcome of the case since most states, including Massachusetts, require that the cyclist obey the same rules of the road as the vehicle operator.

It is also critical that you consult with an experienced attorney in the prosecution or defense of this type of injury claim- it could well mean the difference in what result you achieve!