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Insurance Coverage Issues

We Provide Analysis And Opinions On Legal Issues Involving Insurance Policies

It is a rare personal injury matter that does not involve some level of insurance coverage analysis and interpretation. At Harris & Associates, P.C., Brian Harris has extensive experience in providing analysis, interpretation and opinion on a wide range of issues relating to insurance policies and their provisions.

This service has historically included insurance coverage analysis and litigation arising from issues relating to homeowners and automobile policies [both personal and commercial], as well as more sophisticated contracts containing provisions relating to indemnification, the duty to defend and additional insured language.

Efficient And Effective Legal Representation

We pride ourselves on being able to efficiently and successfully resolve these insurance coverage issues, either by providing an opinion that impacts the insurers’ role in defending the case or by representing the insurer once litigation results from the coverage decision.

At Harris & Associates, P.C., we also have been extensively involved in the defense and prosecution of subrogation matters. These types of claims often require technical experts to assist in proving or defending a liability position. We have substantial experience in identifying, retaining and working with most appropriate experts to advance our client’s case.

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