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Highway Construction And Defective Roadway Accidents

Were You Injured In A Road Construction Accident In The Boston Area?

Highway construction is dangerous, not only for those working on the roads, but also for the drivers passing the sites. When construction slows down traffic, it can cause angry commuters to drive recklessly. Debris in the road can cause cars to swerve into adjacent lanes. A poorly constructed road can cause your car to skid off the road or hit another vehicle. Situations like these can lead to serious accidents and devastating injuries.

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If you were injured in an accident caused by highway or road construction, we can help. At Harris & Associates, P.C., we have handled countless motor vehicle accident cases involving road construction. Contact us online to speak with a lawyer about your accident in a free initial consultation.

Who Caused Your Accident?

With construction accident cases, it is important to determine the cause of your accident to hold all the negligent parties accountable for your injuries. Was your accident caused by debris in the road left by a construction crew on the MassPike? Did another driver hit your car while trying to rush through traffic on Interstate 93, Interstate 95 or Route 128? Did defective construction cause your accident?


Our Massachusetts attorneys will thoroughly investigate the cause of your road, highway or faulty bridge construction accident. This can include collecting and preserving key evidence such as witness statements or black box data from the vehicles involved in the accident. We often consult with accident reconstruction experts to understand the cause of an accident. We will leverage every resource to pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Contact Our Brockton Attorneys About Highway Or Bridge Construction Accidents

Let our lawyers handle the legal aspects of your claim, while you focus on your recovery. Contact our Boston-area law firm online to schedule your free consultation.