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We Care About Our Clients

At Harris & Associates, P.C., we strive to provide the highest-quality legal representation to each of our clients. But do not just take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about working with us.

Thank You So Much

I stumbled upon Brian Harris’ website after my husband was hit by a car while we were crossing a street. I was pregnant, yet didn’t know it yet, my husband pushed me out the way and he was struck by a vehicle at about 30 mph and the vehicle left the scene and left my husband for dead in the street. Anyway, he is alive and doing as good as you possibly can while having a TBI. He has a traumatic brain injury and his life — our life — will never be the same. But I thank Brian Harris because he got us money and money quick and totally did right by us and got us our $100,000 within nine months of the accident.
I am grateful for Harris & Associates. For the most part we were able to mail documents back and forth as it was hard for me to get my husband back and forth to Boston as I didn’t drive at the time and I was pregnant. Brian did all the leg work. Thank you so much. Brian is an excellent accident attorney. Brian went to as far as talking with my husband about not spending this money ridiculously and had a conversation about putting the money away and not blowing it as he knew my husband has a brain injury sometimes he doesn’t think clearly as anyone else and knew that he may just go spend, spend, spend. He convinced my husband to let me financially help him manage the money as I am not legally married to him. I recommend Brian to anybody! He cares about his clients and not just about his check!! I thank him so much for getting us the money we needed quickly as we were in debt from unable to work. Thank you.” — Five-star Google Review, June 2019, Julie and Chris Kibbitt

Excellent And Reliable Advocate

“Attorney Brian Harris has represented us for eleven years on insurance related tort cases. He is a remarkable and experience lawyer whose advice and strategy is on point. As a small business owner, mainly transportation, I found him accessible and respond promptly with great and competent office staff Laura Colantuoni. we were duly impressed and satisfied with his work, and the extra mile he always went on our behalf. Therefore, we would objectively and wholeheartedly recommend Brian for all individual or companies looking for a strong, knowledge and dedicated legal advocate.” 5.0-star Avvo Review, Oct. 15, 2019, Magan

Outstanding Professionalism

“Spoke with Mr. Harris today about my condo insurance litigation matters. I found Brian extremely knowledgeable in this area. In 10 minutes, he was able to advise the course of actions and offer additional consultation service should I require. This level of professionalism is truly remarkable, setting his firm apart from all other firms I called.” 5.0-star Avvo Review, July 25, 2016, Anonymous

 Attorney Harris Was Excellent!

“I own a few real estate brokerage offices as well as a Residential Property Management company in the Boston area. Over the past eight years, in addition to using Brian as lead council for my defense, he has also advised me on many other cases and business situations as well. All of my interactions with him have been positive. Not only is Brian an extremely competent, knowledgeable and very experienced attorney, I also found him to be accessible and likeable. Brian has a way of taking what seem like complex legal situations and explaining them in manner that is understandable to those not within the law profession. I highly recommend using Brian’s services.” — 5.0-star Avvo Review, Jan. 13, 2015, Craig

 Extremely Competent Attorney

I am a former client who was completely new to personal injury when I contacted Brian. He made me feel at ease immediately and took the necessary time to ensure that I was aware of all options throughout the legal process. At the close of my case I was completely satisfied with the outcome. In addition to his great perspective, he is also just a really good person. Brian is a professional in every sense of the word and I would refer his services to family and friends with no hesitation. If more lawyers conducted themselves in the manner he does, the profession wouldn’t get such a bad rap!” – 5.0-star Avvo Review, Jan. 9, 2015, Stephanie

Brian Harris Is Dogged In His Determination To Leave No Stone Unturned

A close friend was accidentally killed in an auto accident, while riding as a passenger in another’s auto. The conventional insurance coverage was the absolute minimum. However, Brian poured over everything and developed a case which led to an award to the mother and children of 15x. His ability to work for the survivors is second to none.” – 5.0-star Avvo Review, Jan. 9, 2015, Eric Jostrum

Brian P. Harris Is Honest

“Honest, informative and never ceasing on behalf of his clients’ rights. I have and will continue to recommend Brian to family and friends.” – 5.0-star Avvo Review, Oct. 30, 2011, Brian M.

Brian Is An Excellent Lawyer

“He is diligent, smart, and attentive. I have referred many matters to him and he has always done an excellent job. I am using him on a tort case in which I am personally involved and I am extremely happy with his work. I recommend him.” – 5.0-star Avvo Review, May 31, 2011, Stephen