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Bike Riding Here In Massachusetts

I read about a recent tragedy in Maine where a bicyclist’s leg was destroyed when caught by a blade of a piece of equipment protruding from a passing landscaping truck. I am a frequent road biker here in Massachusetts and that story really hit home for me.

Anyway, here in Massachusetts, there are laws which regulate the use of road bikes. G.L. c. 85, §11B requires the following: (a) bikers must ride single file except when passing; (b) riders 16 years old and younger must wear helmets; and (c) from ½ hour after sunset to ½ hour before sunrise, the bike must have a lamp emitting a light from the front of the bike and reflectors on the pedals of the bike.

These are obviously common sensical rules but every biker increases his/her chances of returning home safely when they are complied with.