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Bus Drivers Negligence

I recently read about a case which occurred in New Jersey. In that case, the bus driver dropped off a 17-year old student about 3/10 of a mile from her designated bus stop- apparently so as to be able to complete his route more quickly. This forced the student to walk along the road since there were no sidewalks adjacent to said road.

Unfortunately, but predictably, a motorist slammed into the student causing catastrophic injuries. The case went to trial at which time the jury awarded a judgment in the millions and found the bus company [on a theory of vicarious liability] 75% negligent and the car driver 25% at fault.

This kind of case highlights the fact that jurors are extremely sensitive when an adult who is charged with the responsibility of supervising and/or taking care of a young person doesn’t discharge those duties in a reasonable manner. In addition, the truth is that tort claims are limited only by the imagination of the attorney involved in the case.

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