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Driver Fatigue Lethal Consequences

The link between driver fatigue and attentiveness is well recognized. Lethal consequences can result when tired, inattentive drivers remain behind the wheel, especially if they operate the multi-ton commercial tractor trailers that thunder down our highways 24/7.

In an effort to curb driver fatigue, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration created hours-of-service rules that limit how long a trucker may drive a commercial motor vehicle without a break. Basically, regulations impose an 11 hour driving limit and a 14 hour on-duty limit per day, as well as a 60 or 70 hour on-duty limit per each seven or eight day work week. Drivers are required to keep a daily log with a complete record of what they have done in each 24 hour period so that compliance with the required maximum driving time can be ascertained.

When representing a person injured in an accident involving tractor trailers and other large commercial vehicles, it is crucial during the discovery phase of a case that your lawyer obtain all information regarding operation of that vehicle, including such required records as the daily log, as well as data from any “black box,” trip recorder, electronic vehicle management system, Qualcomm or other global positioning device.

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