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Get There Safely

As I recently drove through the downtown and Back Bay areas of Boston during the dusk to dark hour of a weekday commute, I realized that the number of people commuting by bicycle has exploded. Driving and biking in Boston have always been fraught with potential hazards; even more so now. The narrow roadways, less than patient drivers and cyclists, confusing confluence of vehicle and bicycle travel lanes, poor lighting and sheer volume of competing, mismatched traffic is, unfortunately, a recipe for accidents. It is more important than ever that drivers obey speed limits and traffic signals, and that cyclists travel in designated lanes, equip their bikes with proper lighting and wear helmets and appropriate bright clothing. Most importantly, everyone should keep in mind during the daily commuting grind – no matter their mode of travel – that getting to work or home safely and without injuring anyone else is the objective.

If misfortune occurs, however, call us. At Harris & Associates, we have the experience and knowledge to counsel and guide you properly.