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Playground Accidents

Once again, it is clear that almost any injury can become the subject of a civil lawsuit.

A case recently caught my eye- a first grader was playing on the playground during school when she collided with an older and bigger student who was playing a game of tag- an innocent occurrence? Not so fast… Tragically, the younger student eventually was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and cognitive deficits and will in all likelihood not be able to live independently in the future.

The school district was sued and the allegations against the school and its personnel were: a) failure to adequately supervise the playground; b) failure to provide timely medical care; and c) failure to control its students’ conduct and activities, thereby creating a dangerous condition on the publice property. The case eventually settled for a multi-million sum of money.

Clearly, civil lawsuits are limited solely by the creativity and ingenuity of the attorneys and the relevant facts which present themselves.

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