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Premises Liability At Amusement Park

A recent case result caught my eye. It was an incident occurring at a theme park in Georgia and involved a situation where 3 young men who had been at the park earlier in the day were waiting for a bus- while still on park property- and were assaulted and beaten severely by park employees who had just ended their shift.

Plaintiff- one of the 3 victims- alleged that the assailants were local gang members; that park personnel knew that; that there was gang-related graffiti in the employee’s locker room; and that the employees had threatened other patrons in the park that same day. These facts allowed plaintiff to argue that the park tolerated a culture of violence and employee gang participation at the park- all to the extreme detriment of innocent persons visiting that theme park. After trial, the jury awarded a huge amount for the injured plaintiff.

This is just one more example of the way in which a case can be developed in a premises liability claim. If an employer knows, or should have known, that its employees have a history of violence and/or dangerous propensities, their intentional torts may be imputed to their employer, even if they are technically not “on the job” at the time of the intentional act.

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