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Preserving Your Legal Rights Immediately After The Incident Occurs

I was walking down a ramp to a commuter boat recently on a rainy day and fell; fortunately, I was not injured but it still surprised me afterwards how I failed to follow the same advice which I always give to injury victims. Specifically, I found that I was embarrassed and that I wanted to involve as few people as possible, even those who witnessed my fall.

The lesson is clear- when you are involved in an incident, immediately obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses; take photos of the incident scene and/or the offending instrumentality which caused the incident; and immediately notify the owners or supervisors of the location where the incident occurred. In other words, do as I say and not as I did! The embarrassment I experienced would have been nothing in comparison to the embarrassment I would have felt if I had been seriously injured and did not properly protect my legal rights.