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Speed Kills Maybe Not

There has been a recent push in many states to increase the speed limit on major highways. Now, Massachusetts has recently jumped in with a state representative wanting to create legislation to increase the speed limit on parts of the turnpike and I-95 from 65 to 70 mph [nothing, however, like the state highway in Texas which now posts an 85 mph speed limit!].

You would naturally conclude that higher speeds equals more accidents and more fatalities. Not so says certain studies: both highways and new vehicles are designed to accommodate greater speeds. In addition, since more accidents occur when 1 vehicle is traveling at a speed much lower or much higher than the majority of motorists, the states are now attempting to change unreasonably low limits which significantly decrease driver compliance and give road users, specifically those persons unfamiliar with the road or pedestrians, a false indication of actual traffic speeds.

This trend certainly does appear to be the wave of the future but the hope remains that drivers will proceed at a speed in which they feel comfortable and safe.

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