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Using The Law To Win Your Car Accident Case

All motor vehicle accident cases are decided on the facts; however, rarely are the parties in agreement with regard to those facts. That is why successful attorneys also rely upon the law to win their cases- here in Massachusetts, General Laws chapter 89 has codified certain driving activities which are considered illegal: for example, c. 89, s. 4A states that motorcyclists are not allowed to ride 2 abreast; c. 89, s. 8 addresses who has the right-of-way when 2 vehicles approach or enter an intersection; and c. 89, s.11 addresses the obligations of a driver when approaching a pedestrian in or near a crosswalk.

A party is allowed to have these statutes read to a jury and also to have the jury informed that failure to comply with these statutes is considered “some evidence of negligence”.

Make sure you have retained an experienced attorney to assist you with regard to your case and specifically with regard to using the law to help you win your case.