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Vacations Gone Bad

I want to talk about a different kind of issue today; if you’re luckier than me, you were able to remove yourself from this brutal winter here in Massachusetts by traveling to some warm vacation spot.

The promotional material for these vacation resorts will probably make the hotel and surrounding property appear beautiful, tranquil and safe. However, be aware that these resorts also have multiple access points and each resort’s security may not be what we are comfortable with here in Massachusetts, for example. If something bad does happen, obtaining evidence of other, even lesser, crimes on the resort property and also in surrounding properties, will help prove that substandard security was being offered. In addition, it is critical to obtain the training materials of the security staff itself to determine whether sufficient safety protocols are in place and, if so, whether the staff adhered to its own protocols. Finally, many of these resorts have surveillance video and it may be necessary to formally notify the resort of the incident quickly to insure that the video is not destroyed.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can preserve your legal rights if your vacation goes bad.

At this firm, we specialize in the prosecution and defense of premises liability cases and are happy to consult with you on this type of case.